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The Team at Aphrodite Salon

Emily Delamater Photography

Emily Delamater Photography

Colleen Calder

Owner, Founder and Master Stylist of Aphrodite Salon.

Colleen Calder is a Portland, Maine-based master updo artist specializing in on-site boutique bridal hair services. She creates timeless looks that are both romantic and airy as well as polished and coiffed.

 She is passionate about helping women choose styles that not only look and feel great, but compliment the overall aesthetic of their event. She is naturally drawn to clients who share a passion for thoughtful design and intimate, love-and-flower filled affairs. 

 With over a decade of experience of making brides and clients feel comfortable and confident, she achieves a diverse range of looks by highlighting and maximizing people's natural beauty and is unafraid of creating bold, unforgettable looks. Colleen has an exceptional eye for texture, color and placement.

 In 2011, Colleen opened Aphrodite Salon where she serves a year-round bill of clients. As a salon owner, she is committed to providing the highest quality service and products including the TIGI Professional line and accessories from the wildly talented and renowned Emma Katzka. 

 Colleen is happiest with a glass of Champagne, in the company of strong women and her spirited Westie, Cregan and boss lady kitty, Beckett. With a reverence for history, she married the love of her life, Patrick, in 2018 on the grounds of an ancient Scottish cathedral in an intimate ceremony and a romance-filled reception held at the magnificent Brodie Castle.  

Emily Delamater Photography

Emily Delamater Photography

Nicole Powers

Stylist II at Aphrodite Salon

Nicole knew from a very young age that she wanted to do hair. It all started when she taught herself to braid and wound up doing all her friend’s hair for Prom.

Nicole has always excelled in art and found her perfect outlet in formal hair styling- so much so that she competed nationally for her school! She loves how she can not only be creative but she can also make people feel like the most beautiful version of themselves.

Nicole is a native Mainer and a mother to a sweet six year old Boxer girl, Brinley. In her spare time she loves to find dog friendly patios in Portland where she can relax with Brinley, as well as her friends.

Jamie Mercurio Photography

Jamie Mercurio Photography

Cregan Calder

Shop Dog, Master Greeter, and All Around Good Boy.

Cregan is a three-year-old West Highland White Terrier and Aphrodite Salon’s greeting committee and all around good boy. In the salon you can find Cregan either napping in the breakroom or surveying the neighborhood from the Salon’s second floor window.

At home, Cregan is very fond of stuffed toys that are bigger than him, peanut butter, his feline sister, his Mum and Dad, belly rubs, and a good dig in his sandbox. He is not fond of squirrels.


Matthew Bowden

Stylist at Aphrodite Salon

Matt has always had a love for hair, make up, and fashion at a young age. “Charlie’s Angels is to blame. I didn’t watch them for their amazing crime fighting skills. I wanted to see how flawless they always looked- hair and makeup always on point!  I tried making my sister’s dolls look as fabulous, only to fail miserably.” Says Matt.

He sees Linda Evangelista and her ever evolving style as his muse.

Matt started art school in 1992 but saw the debt add up. He wanted to put himself through through school so he decided to take a job with the Postal Service. This is when he put his dreams on hold.

Flash forward to 2001 and his dreams were reignited! He was living with 2 hair stylists and often was the guinea pig for trying a new color or cut- so he changed his look often. Matt saved up and started hair school in 2006.

Matt loves creative haircuts and most of all, creating his own supermodels in his chair.